How We Do It

For 10 years we hand cut our designs out. Judy used a Plasma cutter and Doug an Oxyacetylene Torch. But, we wanted to step things up and be able to cut words, scenes and signs so we purchased a CNC.

Judy now creates a new design on the computer, using Corel Draw. This step can take a couple hours or a couple months, depending on the intricacies of the piece. She then "nests" and "plots" the item and starts the Plasma Torch cutting. After completion of cutting, Doug wire wheels the "slag" off the edges. Different lengths of 1/4 inch cold rolled rod are cut, cleaned and welded on. Next each piece is "rusted" and sprayed with a coat of clear lacquer, to seal the rust on during shipping. But not to worry, your metal stake will continue to age naturally in your yard or garden.

The process used to create Doug's garden sculptures is similar in many ways to the steps Judy takes. Except he uses an oxyacetylene torch to cut the details. After flame cutting, he uses a wire wheel on a hand grinder to clean all the rough edges and slag off each piece. In most cases the next step is to use a coarse grinding wheel on a hand grinder to add more detail, this step gives character to all his pieces. At this point he is ready to do the assembling. Whether it's a Table, Sprinkler or a Free Standing Dog, each piece requires different steps.

Doug and Judy weld with a wire feed welder, because it gives them better control and a nice looking weld. Doug also has decided not to pre-rust his designs and let the customer decide what look they want.

Hanging Sun
Fir Tree
Deco Kat
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